Teams and Motivation

The travel industry is a dynamic client relationship sector of tourism employing only high energy people who are passionate about making life fun and easy for travellers to explore the world. As  Managers of B2B or B2C travel businesses, we know that knowledge, efficiency and sincerity is critical to our success and our clients satisfaction… but what kind of knowledge do we really need to be successful ?

We believe that there is an order of knowledge critical to improving your clients motivation, build relationships, improve office harmony,  Increase Sales & Profitability

In this order;

1.   Know yourself and your personal style of operating

2.   Know your peers and their preferred operating style

3.   Know your customers and be able to assess their preferences quickly and effectively

4.   Know your destinations

5.   Know your products.

Understanding what motivates each other is critical to every company’s success and great managers strive daily to supply a framework in which team members can thrive by better understanding and managing team communication, team stress, change, conflict and who the natural leaders are

A team is a group of two or more people working together to accomplish a task.  More than two becomes a jigsaw of personalities who rarely see the world the same way. We use a tool called the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) which is fun, non biased, easy to learn and extremely powerful. We at Travel Revival use ‘personality’ profiling rather than ‘behavioural analysis’  for a reason…. There are no ‘wrong’ personalities and we all have differing gifts.  also, who are we to determine if someone’s behaviour is wrong when ours is sometimes not perfect !

Let us show you how we can enhance your team with one fun and informative session which will leave you with a new kind of knowledge you can apply immediately and enjoy your work buddies so much more.