As we know in the Travel Agency world of selling, there are enormous advantages of selling through personal contact ….and what you bring to your job adds that essential value by;

  • Really hearing your customers’ needs, clarifying them and bringing them into a sharper focus for your client makes all the difference.
  • Tailoring the product and service to match your client’s specific needs, how do we know that this is the right solution for them?
  • Creating a relationship that really does endure over time
  • Making referrals to support customers in lots of other ways, and they you!
  • Pick up ideas for introducing new products and markets and really know how to sell yourself.
  • Understand why sometimes you can’t seem to find that ‘moment of truth’ with your client.

As we also know…Sales are made when needs are met and it is often the issues of personal approach that can stall a sale too. If you could understand and predict the different personal approach needs of your customers, there is no doubt that you will increase your effectiveness and it is possible to win every proposal you present.

So how does understanding personality type affect Sales?

  • Understand how customers are different and how they take in the information you present to them… and how they make the decision to buy from you.
  • Know how to adapt your selling techniques easily to appeal to every type of customer and win every quote.
  • Hear the customers’ needs much more clearly and tell it in the way they need to hear it too. Talking to customers in the way ‘they’ like to relate uncovers hidden issues and needs that you may be unaware of.
  • Know the tricks to really building trust and become an executive in customer relations.

Knowing your own personality type is also critical to understanding others’ and you will be amazed when you also apply this knowledge to;

  • Managing others – colleagues, teams.. even family and friends.
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Training
  • Providing that ‘blue chip’ customer service

Every Sales person goes through the stages of the sales process in different ways. This is due to your personality type preference, what you’ve been taught so far and what you have found works, but could you really teach someone new how you win sales and what you do well in a clear succinct way?  By analysing your own behavioural pattern, you would see clearly the attributes that make you successful and also identify the attributes of others to help them succeed, and for those of you who lack a little confidence, you will certainly find it with our program.

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