In the travel industry we talk mostly about yield and how to make more of it! .. so what is it really?

Yield is the income we make upon the completion of every travel file which gets transferred from the trust account to the trade account to pay our wages, our expenses and, if we are smart, a sustainable and strategic profit to grow or improve our businesses, reward our staff and achieve a well earned balanced lifestyle for ourselves … after all this is why we are in business in the first place, aside to the love of it of course!

As Consultants to our clients, we ensure every client gets the very best deal possible and we will search endlessly to ensure that we don’t have to compromise quality for low prices – highly unlikely for our smart agents, as our industry relationships ensure that we have great buying power.

At the front line, it’s about sincere, transparent relationship building with the depth of search to ensure you satisfy every need and want… and let’s face it, we do know where to search with at least triple the options your customers can find for themselves, we also know that the internet is rarely cheaper now.

So, back to profitability.  Your clients expect you to make a healthy profit. They want you to succeed and also get the best price. They want that win/win – because if you are good at doing this, they will become your BFF and expect you to be there to plan all their dream holidays well into the future.

btw – there is a big future for our travel expertise. It’s all about good planning, consistency within the agency and how we all present ourselves.

We can show you how to get that balance perfectly right !

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