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About Deb

Deb’s history in sales, customer service and managing teams has spanned 35 years, beginning in London with Avis Rent a car to more recently GM for Australia for the worlds’ largest ‘work at home’ Travel Agency group.
Deb has earned accolades for her contribution as an industry Trainer/Educator, Franchisee and Travel Agency Owner/Manager and is now redirecting her energy into consulting with SME businesses from Travel Agents to Hairdressers, Veterinary practises, banks, retail stores and even not for profit aid businesses and she believes that outstanding communication is the key to every successful business. Her expertise is primarily with ‘service’ driven businesses.
“Understanding, appreciating and accommodating individual differences in communication styles clearly enhances relationships and influences staff to be the best they can be. Any business can increase their profitability with little effort, and there is no need to change a personality or business culture to do this” Deb says
Deb is a trained interpreter of personality types, she understands what motivates people of all ages and this passion for people development has taken her to work in many cultural environments from the UK, Australia, USA and South America, presenting and delivering several training sessions to help young people gain Critical and Creative thinking skills, interpersonal skills and also helping them see the good in others …from complaints to compliments!
After many years working overseas, Deb came home to settle in Melbourne in July 2011, and accepted a General Managers role with a large Travel group. She developed her team and led the business to become the strongest growing business in the group of 7 countries in just over 12 months. Deb attributes this growth to a strong focus on organisational culture and finding the right personality fit for all roles within the organisation… and the right customer service/outstanding communication training.
Deb and her team at Travel Revival can show you and your team how to see into the hearts and minds of their customers and their peers via a framework developed by leading Psychology professionals over 60 years to explain in detail the interesting patterns of human functioning and communication. Deb has found great success in using (and simplifying) an instrument used by more than 2 million people each year around the world to understand personality type differences and levels of emotional intelligence. It also assists in career counselling for youth and adults. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is translated into more than 30 languages and is a model used by blue chip sales companies around the world such as IBM, Levi Strauss, Harley Davidson, Southwest Airlines and BMW.

About Derek

Derek (Deb’s husband) is an Organisational Management expert and Senior HR Consultant with experience in medium to large businesses, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Sporting complexes etc. within Australia and Overseas. Derek will find solutions to the most complex of long term issues where fair negotiations are necessary. See his profile on the tab LinkedIn.