What is Travel Revival ?

The travel industry is a dynamic client relationship sector of tourism employing only high energy people who are passionate about making life fun and easy for travellers to explore the world.

As  Managers of B2B or B2C travel businesses, we know that knowledge, efficiency and sincerity is critical to our success and our clients satisfaction… but what kind of knowledge do we really need to be successful ? well,  it is a lot easier than you think!

Deb Duncan has identified a need in the travel industry for a completely confidential and unbiased Travel Agency Business Development Manager who has no alliance to any Travel Agency group or supplier.  The mission is to help you create a profitable, sustainable, high energy working platform for you to enjoy and further develop.  In short, Travel Revival can be your right arm in Management…or dare we say ‘your conscience’?

First we look at a few models and begin by deciding three things…1) what we do well, 2) what we want to do and 3) what we can get paid to do… and then we discuss how I can help you take the road to everything you dreamed your business would become.

Deb specialises in;

Leadership development

  • Shaping the organisation
  • Change Management
  • Developing a presence in your market
  • Improving yield and profitability
  • Effective appraisals
  • HR issues /Giving effective feedback
  • Conflict Management
  • How to identify the next team member

Team Development

  • Helping teams leverage individual strengths and collective strengths
  • Increasing team cohesion and enhanced communication
  • Building trust and conflict management strategies
  • Enhancing team problem solving and innovation
  • Identifying weak areas in staff performance
  • Customised staff training.
  • Increasing energy in the workplace
  • Improving yield (including Service Fee training)
  • Goal setting and Incentives

Organisational Development

  • Leading and Managing Organisational Change
  • Aligning behaviour with strategy execution
  • High impact communication and selling skills
  • Career planning
  • Selecting high potential staff
  • Identifying intrinsic abilities, motivators and drivers of employee performance
  • Increase the accuracy of person to job fit outcomes
  • Succession planning

Let us help you get your show on the road !