Testimonials – Peak Personality

Maree Harris
Director, People Empowered

Deb Duncan and I have had an informal peer mentoring relationship for more than a decade. We have been one another’s performance and accountability partners. It has been a relationship that has enhanced my professional development enormously. Deb is a high energy and very insightful person with a wealth of experience in motivating and empowering people to discover talents and abilities they never knew they had and then optimising them to enhance their performance. Bringing her experience and talent together in her company Peak Personality will be a gift to professionals and organisations who aspire to perform at the peak of their potential. I highly recommend what she has to offer.

Meridian Travel
Team Training Session
Participant Feedback

Great Session! I really learnt a lot about myself and others. Kell

Great work Deb - really looking forward to the next session! Thoroughly enjoyed tonight. Jodie

Thanks Deb, Very interesting to find out more about me and why I do things and also the same for the rest of the team. Ashleigh

A great informal training session helping me understand different personality types, especially my own and why I choose to do things the way I do! Looking forward to learning how to pick these personality types in the future! Kirsty

Great fun, I have learnt a lot about myself and collegues. Thank you. Sharon

Kate Donnelly
Customer Experience Manager, PARC
Customer Service Training

Oh my goodness, did everybody love your session. They came back raving about it and how it Just made sense!! I would like to thank you for doing a fantastic job Deb and I can't wait to move forward with this

Alastair McLeish
Bell Potter Securities
Personal Coaching

It was a privilege to attend a number of personal sessions with Deb Duncan, of ‘Peak Personality’, who was extraordinary in delivering a succinct and enlightening understanding of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Having had considerable experience in senior positions in the broad finance industry, our ensuing discussions brought out a new perspective so often pushed to one side when creating and maintaining business relationships of importance. Deb guided me through a far more appealing oral and written series of considerations when in communication with prospective business associates and this yielded an outcome which has promoted personal relationships, understanding, and their longevity. A supplementary benefit of this awareness has also had a positive impact on my family and social interactions.
Deb was indispensable in my comprehension of the MBTI, displaying acumen in her understanding and delivery of the components for reflection. I would highly recommend Deb for a personal consultation to enhance your business deliberations going forward.

Paolo Valle
Graphic Designer Travel Counsellors
Teamwork and Career Guidance

" I worked with Deb for almost 2 years and she was amazing in teaching not only myself but my fellow work colleagues the individual personality traits each one of us had and how we can use that to better understand each other. In turn, this helped the productivity in our head office. She has a wealth of knowledge in her particular field and has been a great mentor to myself, especially at a time where I have needed some career guidance. She is unpretentious and straightforward in her teachings which makes working with her a great pleasure."

Glen Monteith
Snr.Travel Consultant

" I participated in a Personality Assessment course ran by Deb Duncan in late 2014. Deb did an amazing job in helping our team learn how to better interact, and understand each other within the work place. I found the experience very enlightening, and would highly recommend it.

Deb has also assisted me personally in the transition between my previous, and current role, with some excellent career guidance advice. It was fantastic to have such a knowledgeable mentor assist me with some tough decisions, and ultimately help me to find the perfect working environment for my personality"

Steve Aldridge
Managing Director ACMS UK
Team Building

"Deb delivered a course on personalities and communication in business, to myself and my team here in the UK. This was almost two years ago and my team still talk about it and use the communication skills they were taught that day. Deb is an inspirational speaker who has the ability to connect at all levels."