Team Building for Business

Team Building

A team can be as small as two people working together to accomplish a task or as big as the whole workplace. Just as each member of a sports team has a different role to play and skills to offer, so do members of a working team.

Peak Personality can provide a framework for understanding differences in what each team member brings to the team to achieve your mission earlier …and we make it fun too.

Teambuilding is the process by which a group of individuals are encouraged to learn about themselves, each other, their leaders and their customers, and how these components all fit together to boost team success.

Peak Personality proudly use the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) to assist us in;

  • Fostering openness and trust
  • Providing a neutral and affirmative language within which to discuss differences
  • helping everyone appreciate the value others’ bring to the team
  • increasing productivity by aligning individual preferences to tasks
  • identifying team assets and blind spots.

We can present a framework to assist teams to function more productively because we base our philosophy on seeing the best in everyone’s unique contribution via six core attributes to successful teams – communication, team culture, leadership, managing change, problem solving & less stress.  Let us help you increase your teams effectiveness and have fun in the process.