….and what will you do when you leave school?Am I in the right job?

This question is the most daunting of all questions asked of teenagers and its surprising more of us don’t have black eye’s!

Years 11 & 12 in Australia are particularly stressful and the subjects you choose will also decide your “ENTER” score for University (if university is the path you want to take).

I love this TED video but while I believe the changes in curriculum are worth considering including Ken Robinson’s ideas, it won’t happen overnight and as we all know, it sometimes takes years for Governments and schools to consider every option to ensure our kids won’t miss out on some vital aspect of education.

While it is lovely to have a smorgasboard of career options to choose from, it can become  a nightmarish battle to make the choice, especially when parents are often powerless to help as this is the first step in deciding for yourself which road to take.

So, how do we find out what will suit us individually?  If I am good at maths, should I be an engineer?  Is University for me or should I pick a trade?  Peak Personality believe it is critical for each child /student/adult to understand what non-academic gifts they have to offer the world before making those choices, and to know how great they could be if the gifts they possess are going to be applied effectively.

According to the Myers Briggs type theory, one of the most important motivators of career choice is a desire for work that is intrinsically interesting and satisfying and one that will permit use of that persons ‘preferred’ attributes.  This way, work never seems like work, it is more like a hobby we get paid for! We want you to be in a better position to make a more informed career choice.

Personality testing vs. behavioural testing shows that  the results of their preferences remain constant throughout their lives, in other words, it’s just the way we are wired!  Therefore the MBTI is an excellent predictor of long term career satisfaction. The MBTI would also be extremely useful in understanding learning styles and a resource to both students and teachers.

Teachers/Lecturers… Peak Personality run fun and dynamic training sessions to show your students how to see things from others’ perspectives and how to gain enough confidence in themselves to follow their dreams…. call Deb Duncan at Peak Personality to hear more.