I Am…

What is your story?Wouldn’t it be nice if we started to discover what is right with the world, rather than what is wrong with it? Have you ever wondered about the startling way that people sometimes look at the world or react differently to situations? A common problem that has often led to stress for many of us is our apparent inability to communicate with someone we care about, getting across something that is very important to us. We can feel hurt or rejected by the lack of recognition of our concern or we may feel baffled by the failure of that person to appreciate the logic of our position. 

Science shows that we are more connected with others at a fundamental level than we realise so is it about time we learned to communicate more effectively?

‘I am…’  is the first step to seeing the best in others and helping them achieve, but it is vitally important that we look for the best in ourselves first.  Only by appreciating the gifts we have been given can we help others achieve, and finding the words to say ‘I am…..” with confidence is the key.

Like a thumbprint, personality type analysis provides an instant snapshot of a persons uniqueness and the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is used by millions around the world to put simply and smartly into words  – just how valuable you are and why the world needs people like you!