Getting you into your comfort zone

Understanding, appreciating and accommodating individual differences in communication styles clearly enhances relationships and influences us to be the best we can be, but where do we start to decide where and how to channel our passions?

Peak Personality employs only trained interpreters of personality types, People who understand what motivates people of all ages and are passionate about developing others.  People development has taken Deb Duncan to work in many cultural environments from the UK, Australia, USA and South America, presenting and delivering training sessions to help people gain Critical and Creative thinking skills, interpersonal skills, interviewing/interviewee skills and helping people from many walks of life see what is the best in themselves individually….and be able to look for the good in others too.  An essential tool for success in the workplace, especially if you are looking to progress to higher levels within your organisation.

Ongoing change is an integral part of modern working life nowadays and you may change your path several times in your working life… how wonderful would it be if you knew what you would be most suited to? More importantly, which career would get me ‘into’ my comfort zone and help me stretch, not stress.

Peak Personality can show you how to see into the hearts and minds of your peers, friends, family and customers via a framework developed by leading Psychology professionals over 60 years to explain in detail the interesting patterns of human functioning and communication. An amazing tool when writing your resume and winning the confidence of your interviewer.   We have found great success in using (and simplifying) an instrument used by more than 2 million people each year around the world to understand personality type differences and levels of emotional intelligence.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is translated into more than 30 languages and is also a model used by blue chip sales companies around the world such as IBM, Levi Strauss, Harley Davidson, Southwest Airlines and BMW to identify their employees best attributes and develop leaders.