Choosing the Right Career

CAREER OPTIONSWhether you are in year 9, 10,11 or 12 and have no idea what to do when you leave school, or in your 50’s and considering a career change, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Report will identify occupations that are a good fit for your personality. For over 60 years it has helped people become more satisfied and successful in their careers and help you find out what can really make you happy by deeply analysing your preferences.

First we look at your personality type and present you with a very detailed report customised to you.  We then draw on this report to present you with a Career report which can narrow down your choices and help you with the following;

  •  – Choosing a specific job or career suited to your personality
  •  – Identify broad occupational categories to enable you to expand your horizons
  •  – Select a college major or course of study
    •  – Identify your strengths and possible weaknesses which could inhibit success
  •  – Increase your job satisfaction
    •  – Make a career transition or shift
  •  – Plan your career development with action steps.

Your personality is a great place to start, then we add in some interesting facts about you such as your skills, abilities, interests, values etc. and you can create goals you never thought possible.