Am I In the Right Job?

AM I IN THE RIGHT JOBCareer development within the same company almost always involves coping with new demands that do not come naturally to you and often require working and communicating with people who have different personalities and preferences. At times a career change can be a beneficial stimulus to further develop your type and at other times you can feel as though you have been promoted to your level of total incompetency and are the proverbial fish out of water.

More often than not, you can’t go back to your old job so it means either working harder and out of your comfort zone or taking that big step into another company. The concern we hear when this happens is “what do I do now?”

Take a look at this youtube video, it is such a wonderful feeling when you find your place in the world … and this could be you!

Billionaire Richard Branson insists that personality is more important than skill when hiring employees (Click here to see this for yourself)

The Myers Briggs Personality Type  profiling is the perfect tool used by Peak Personality to help us help you prepare for those challenges ahead with confidence!